11 Types of Light-Weight Saree That Must Present In Your Wardrobe

Every 6-yard saree has its distinct beauty and charm. Women who enjoy wearing sarees want to feel at ease and confident in the saree they choose. In this case, preferably lightweight saree comes into mind. For various occasions, multiple varieties of sarees can be worn. Women nowadays appreciate various types of lightweight saree since these handloom sarees appear classy and attractive.

Here are the types of lightweight saree that women must have in their collection:

  • Art Silk Saree
  • Satin Saree
  • Georgette Saree
  • Chiffon Saree
  • Organza Saree
  • Chanderi Silk
  • Jamdani Saree
  • Mangalagiri Cotton Saree
  • Tusser Silk Saree
  • Shibori Saree
  • Lehriya Saree

Art Silk Saree

Art silk sarees are lightweight saree. art silk is treated as artificial silk. It is made up of synthetic fiber silk that resembles pure silk.

Satin Saree

Satin sarees are silky smooth, light in weight, and long-lasting. These sarees are stylish and ideal for the summer. This lovely satin saree is flattering on all body types.

Georgette Saree

Georgette sarees are a dream come true for individuals who want to wear a saree every day. This georgette saree comes in a variety of patterns, giving you a simple yet elegant look. Many celebs wear georgette sarees to show off their fashionable looks.

Chiffon Saree

The most common saree that any woman should own is a chiffon saree. The primary reason for buying a chiffon saree would be its lightweight fabric. This is designed of breathable fabric that falls wonderfully on your curves.

Organza Saree

Organza sarees are the most fashionable and beautiful sarees nowadays. This fabric is generally produced from silk.  The saree\’s thin filament creates a wave-like structure which makes a feminine look fabulous.

Chanderi Silk

Chanderi silk is extremely popular these days due to its lightweight and sheer texture, which gives you a luxurious experience. This saree is made using a traditional weaver technique from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi sarees are handmade from cotton and silk fabric with excellent zari work.

Jamdani Saree

The Jamdani saree is a West Bengal traditional saree famous for its softness and thin structure. This saree is constructed of the softest cotton muslin fabric, which is lightweight. The traditional ornamental design on this saree gives you a gentle yet classy appearance.

Mangalagiri Cotton Saree

Manglagiri cotton saree is another treasure in the lightweight saree category. This has a thick border and is manufactured of smooth and silky cotton. Nevertheless, it\’s renowned for its distinctive micro-check print.

Tusser Silk Saree

Tusser silk saree is a traditional pure silk saree made from silk that is produced from silkworms. This is a beautiful, lightweight saree that everyone should own. When you wear this saree, you will have an elegant and luxurious appearance.

Shibori Saree

Shibori sarees are traditional lightweight sarees made using the tie-and-dye technique. This saree features a traditional design with gorgeous tassels in the pallu, giving it a contemporary look. Shibori saree can be the perfect option for you if you are looking for a lightweight saree for any party or celebration.

Lehriya Saree

Lehriya saree is another lightweight Rajasthani saree with a lovely Lehriya design. This saree is inspired by a natural pattern that was constructed diagonally and produced using the traditional tie and dye method.


Hope you will get a clear idea of the very common types of lightweight saree which could be a life savior for any woman who loves to wear a saree. This lightweight saree is bliss for any woman for their daily needs.

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